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About Mold

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Mold growth has become a widespread problem for many businesses and homeowners. As buildings and homes become better insulated and more environmentally efficient they also have less air flow and circulation. Excessive moisture combined with poor air quality can result in mold growth.

Mold growth is linked to a number of health issues ranging from eye irritation and nasal congestion, to asthma, allergies and other more serious respiratory problems. For some people who are particularly sensitive to mold, the health problems can be severe.

Dealing with mold is a serious situation and should be handled by professionally trained and licensed mold removal / remediation experts.

At AeroTec Environmental, we are the professionals you can trust to take care of all your mold removal needs.

All mold removal / remediation projects are overseen by an OSHA trained and accredited supervisor with 10 years of experience in hazardous waste remediation and disposal. All our trained professionals have at least 5 years experience in the field and undergo refresher training yearly along with our supervisor.

Mold Removal Process

Mold removal begins by isolating the effected area. Once the area is isolated from surrounding rooms, negative pressure is applied so that the mold can not escape. If the mold can be removed, it is first sprayed with Shockwave – an EPA-registered disinfectant, sanitizer and cleaner designed specifically for mold remediation contractors. The affected materials are then cut out and placed in air tight bags and removed to a licensed disposal facility.

If the mold issue is extensive such as on wood in the attic, beams, basement structure, structural wood, we may use dry ice blasting to remove the mold.

In situations where the material can not be removed, the mold is sprayed with Shockwave, and scrubbed until removed. HEPA filtered vacuums are used to clean up all materials and the affected area is then scrubbed again with a second Shockwave application. Finally the area is treated with After Shock, an antimicrobial agent that prevents future mold growth.

Mold and Moisture

The major cause of mold growth is excess moisture. If your home or facility has mold - removal of the mold is not enough. Unless you find the source of excess moisture and take steps to deal with it, your mold problem will likely recur.

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