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AeroTec Environmental
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Why AeroTec Environmental
Residential and Commercial
Asbestos Removal & Abatement
Mold Removal & Remediation

asbestos removal abatement mold removal & remediation northborough ma, nh riIt is not unusual in the Asbestos Removal industry for a salesperson to be your first contact with a company. The sales person will come out, review the site, assess the situation, create a proposal, close the sale and then you will never see that person again. With AeroTec Environmental this will never happen, there are no sales reps.

When you hire AeroTec you will work directly with owner Greg Harding from your first call through completion of the project. Greg is a trained professional with extensive hands on experience in the asbestos removal and abatement industry. He reviews all projects, assesses each situation, creates the proposals, completes and files all necessary regulatory paperwork and permits and then is on site to supervise each project. This hands on approach provides a much higher level of customer service and sets us apart from our competition.

As the owner, Greg’s reputation is on the line with each project. That is why he works so hard to ensure your project will be completed, safely, professional and on time. Greg will work with you to explain the process, assess the challenges your project presents and ensures your project is a success.

We have a highly trained staff of motivated professionals. Each staff member must complete 30 hours of training at an approved facility and each supervisor must complete 40 hours of training. Each year all staff must complete an 8 hour refresher course. We place the safety of our staff as a top priority and we ensure this through proper training, strict supervision and the best equipment

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